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Using Multimedia & Educational Technology to Enhance Teaching

Using Multimedia and Education Technology to Enhance Teaching

Presenter: David Roberts


1. Identify theoretical basis for multimedia and e-learning to enhance teaching
2. Provide framework for development, presentation, dissemination and organization of novel classroom content
3. Demonstrate practical application of commonly available education technologies
4. Review impact of technology on current generation of medical trainees


Successful classroom teaching is based on excellent content, not on the latest, fastest, fanciest or shiniest new technology. Multimedia and education technology are simply tools in the toolbox of today's medical educators which when utilized appropriately can improve both the delivery of content and enhancement of learning. Our current generation of learners is more apt to be familiar with technology, assume its presence and demand its use by faculty.

Medical educators can utilize education technology in many ways, including the development of novel content, creation of new modes of presentation, design of interaction and evaluation strategies, and the dissemination of content far beyond the walls of any given classroom. There are also tools to assist educators with organization and efficiency in the work of these teaching domains.

This session is designed to provide a framework and rationale for harnessing the power of modern education technology and to provide examples of representative technologies.

References and additional reading

Ruiz JG, et al. The impact of e-learning in medical education. Academic Medicine 2006; 81:207-12.
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Issa N, et al. Applying multimedia design principles enhances learning in medical education. Medical Education 2011;45:818-26.

Thu, March 21, 2013
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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